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Technical Rescue

The Technical Rescue Courses are advanced training programs designed for experienced divers seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge in performing complex and critical rescue missions underwater. Muddy River employs a vastly diverse cadre of instructors that can provide a variety of advanced courses.

Course Offerings

  • Rope Rescue Awareness / Ops / Tech
  • Hazmat Awareness / Ops / Tech
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Vehicle Extraction (Basic and Advanced)
  • Heavy Rigging and Lifting

Course Offerings

  • Advanced Fire Ground Search
  • Occupied Until Proven Vacant
  • Swiftwater
  • Ice Rescue
  • Boat Ops

In conjunction with our many courses, Muddy River can also facilitate your Missouri Division of Fire Safeties practical exam with our state certified evaluators.

Muddy River Divers was Founded in March 2022 With a Vision To Create Highly Skilled Divers and Emergency rescue Professionals Who Are Ready To Succeed in Any Situation.


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