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Ice Rescue Technician

The ERD Surface Ice Rescue Ops component is designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for public safety teams to properly respond and execute operations on or near thin ice conditions. ERD Surface Ice Rescue students will learn how to approach several types of victims in varying environments as a primary tender, primary rescue, backup rescuer and backup tender.

Students will understand, perform and master ice rescue decision making processes. ERD Surface Ice Rescue students will have exposure to the use and importance of surface ice rescue equipment and should prepare to spend several hours in PFDs/immersion suits.

Training Process

  • Pre-rescue planning, equipment and rescuer selection
  • Proper donning and utilization of immersion protection
  • Ice assessment and sight preparation for rescuers and tenders
  • Submersion victim extraction and transportation
  • Self rescue techniques


  • No Prerequisites Required

Course Offerings

  • Scheduled Upon Request

Muddy River Divers was Founded in March 2022 With a Vision To Create Highly Skilled Divers and Emergency rescue Professionals Who Are Ready To Succeed in Any Situation.


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